Because he sings to me...

from the archive: a family classic photo
John left this morning for the long drive to retrieve our kiddoes from Northern Utah, where they've been staying with relatives for the past few weeks during my recuperation.

He rented a car to make the long drive (because our rarely-used beater isn't up for such things anymore) and came home with a Mustang--the agency was out of every other kind of compact or economy car. When John brought the car home he revved it up a bit in the parking lot and then took me for a drive around the backside of the campus. When I closed my eyes I was in high school again, behind the wheel of my 70's vintage Mustang, racing down Truxtun Ave with the stereo cranked up. I was so cool and free. It wasn't until I bought my first "practical" car (a Nissan Sentra) that I realized the power that was the Mustang. It had been a police car, rebuilt by my grandpa for all of his hot dates with his then-girlfriend. When he died, it was my inheritance. When I went to college, my younger brothers took it over--and at that point it gained the appellation of "The Crustang".

John's already called twice three times today, one time just to sing to me (as he had when he left my bedside early this morning).

Because I'm in a reminiscent, sentimental mood, I'll suggest a few good reads from past blogentries about John:

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The pic above is a family favorite--taken by a beloved professor friend (she was trying just to get a few romantic shots of John & I and the kiddoes kept creeping into the photo). This image hangs over our kitchen table.


avis said...

You guys sound awesome and even though I know the Jesus Christ Superstar song you are referencing, naked John asking Jesus to touch him makes me think of the movie trailer for Hamlet 2, with the kids singing "Rock Me, Sexy Jesus."

Tammy said...

Love the photo and the reminiscing. You must be from Bakersfield originally (Truxtun Ave)? My husband grew up there too and now we live in Utah of all places (and we are not LDS). We actually like it here, too :)!

jana said...

yes, it was Bakersfield! Now Truxtun is a busy street, but back then it was pretty empty and fun to cruise!

catbonny said...

John is like superman, and now superman with a mustang.... dangerous.

You guys are so awesome and so happy and the kids in the background are so funny and perfect at the same time.

Maureen said...

Beautiful portrait; you & John look so happy, and the kids peeking around you are utterly adorable!

How sweet that he sings to you, and calls you so often when he's away.

[kɹeɪ̯g̊] said...

That's a really beautiful picture. My favourite is half of your son's face.

Jessica said...

I love this post. It just melts my heart. You guys have such a sweet family. I'll bet you'll be glad to have them home with you.

paris parfait said...

What a beautiful photo, spilling over with joy - and a lovely post!

G said...

This is so sweet.
and John vs the werewolf was my favorite (yikes?!?)

JohnR said...

I'm going to go crawl into some dark corner of the Internet and die of embarrassment now. :P