time for a retreat

sunrise in yellow, originally uploaded by pilgrimgirl.

Headed to a mountain retreat to celebrate spring, just as our family did last year when I took these daffodil photos.

This year I'm looking forward to time with Friends, hours to spend playing games & giggling, tasty gourmet food (incl world-famous apple pie!), and the space for plenty of nature and silence.

And this time I'm leaving the computer at home, with no worries of work and email and facebook and twitter and deadlines and that long list of To-Do.

Happy Spring to you, too! :)
PS: All day I've been having flashbacks of this event, which happened almost exactly a year ago...


catbonny said...

I am planning on bringing a tiny bit of reading for classes next week, but I probably won't ever get it out of the car.

It's going to be great. I am so excited.

C. L. Hanson said...

Sounds like fun!

Is it a family retreat or an Exponent retreat? If it's a group 'nacle activity, I hope a little real-life face-to-face time can help clear up that awful political mess that has been smeared all over the Bloggernacle the past couple of days. On the Internet, it's so easy for misunderstandings to escalate to the point of getting totally out of control, unfortunately.

Linguini-Nini said...

I'll be with all of you in spirit! Have a great retreat :)

Gray said...

Have a great time!

jana said...

It's a family retreat with our Quaker Meeting. You know, Kaimi mentioned some of the 'nacle stuff to me and I have to admit that I'm oblivious. I don't know who any of the people involved are, really, and I don't even think I want to know.

The Exponent manages to stay above 'nacle brouhaha because none of us read the big blogs. We are our own little MoFem island and I think that's a good thing :)