Reading is Sexy

Reading is Sexy, originally uploaded by mind on fire.

This is an older pic (taken last August), but I ran across it today when I was looking for something else. We staged it as a bit of a joke, but it brought a wave of fondness anyways when I looked at it and realized just how sexy this man is to me.

Life continues to be an adventure when I'm by John's side. And I expect to be continually surprised and delighted by whatever serendipities lie beyond the next bend in the road.

PS: Bonny, help me remember to return your book the next time you drop by! :)


Genie said...

This is awesome and I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy reading what you have to say. John seems like a fine fellow, indeed. :)

catbonny said...

I thought you did give it back, but i must be wrong. haha