So the question is now: is he a man, or is he a boy?

Some of my previous birthday tributes:

PS: I like how GameBoy and Ellycat are both wearing their penguin suits in this photo :)


Bored in Vernal said...

He is the same age as my boy, and Michael will ALWAYS be a boy to me, even though he has hairy legs and armpits now, and he sings bass and he can palm the ceiling (his new achievement and source of pride).

Happy Birthday, Game Boy!! Give him my good wishes (even though he probably doesn't remember having lunch with me 2 years ago)

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, Gameboy!
Isn't this the age when you enter a long stretch of being neither boy nor man, but instead "guy"? heehee

Kathryn Quick said...

He is man and boy, and how exciting and marvelous that is. Congratulations, kiddo, and congratulations to your parents!

Kristen said...

Hey, we're b-day twins! Have a wonderful day, Gameboy!


lma said...

Happy birthday, Game Boy.

Sorry to be late with this; use it as an excuse to extend your birthday celebration for another day.

And Jana...you and John are raising two quite exceptional children. I know you know that, but I had to say so anyway. :)