time to celebrate?

I've been thinking, that maybe I need to have a wee bit of a party here in a couple of weeks. To mark the anniversary of this event, and to celebrate health.

This morning as I read through my entries from last April, my heart was pounding hard in my chest. Watching the events unfold day-by-day that led to my 6-month struggle to fight the infection in my leg (see here, here, and here)...was tough reading.

And I am not taking even one day of health for granted now. Life is so delicious.

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Kathryn Quick said...

Yes, I think you should celebrate. It's sometimes good to mark things that are behind us. And this milestone is a big deal, one for sighs of relief at least, if not an outright party. Incidentally, Wednesday night, 36 post routine pre-kindergarten vaccinations, and 12 hours prior to G's planned trip for a conference, we whisked our kiddo off to the doctor with a 5" diameter, flaming red, raised inflammation around one of her injection sites, and - thinking of you - did not think twice when she was prescribed antiobiotics to treat a "strep" infection. Geez. We're sure glad to be (it seems) on the mend, and sure glad that you are over this!