the gauntlet

Quality Time., originally uploaded by mind on fire.

Taking oral exams in grad school is really a terrible experience. Even if you pass, it's absolutely emotionally draining and it's nearly impossible to do as well as you'd hoped..

Our friend M took her Quals recently (and passed, of course!!) and then came over to our place that evening to decompress. The picture above shows her curled up with a purry Bobette-kitty, letting the anxiety of the day drain away.

Isn't it great how cats and friends and cozy purple couch can make it all better?


Anonymous said...

It's better than great! Thanks so much again for the party :). Also, wow, that photo turned out really well!

jana said...

well...you and bobette are both highly photogenic gals (and john is a good photographer!). :)

Anonymous said...

It has been my experience that cats make great massage therapists and life gurus.