disappearing behind catalina, originally uploaded by pilgrimgirl.

Was just a short distance away from where this pic was taken when I was paddling yesterday, at just this same moment when the sun was sinking.

But I didn't dare gaze at the sky for too long, because I was wholly focused on the waves (they were big, they were choppy, and I was in the back of the boat which is something akin to being in the back of the bus). But, oh, paddling the open ocean is nothing like navigating the calm waters of the channel. The adrenaline surge is unbelievable and any thoughts of fatigue are long gone as you can only be in that moment, knowing that if you aren't working as a team, the boat will tump over. (and I have to say that I'm glad there were no cameras around because I think my chin was all covered with drool as I was yelling out the changes, was expelling each breath with brute force to get more torque, and was trying not to swallow any yucky salt water that was splashing into my face)...

This summer I'll be joining the team on a long paddle all the way out to that little island in the distance. I've never been to Catalina, and to think that my first trip will be by my own paddle-power rather than by ferry....it seems too exciting to be true.


Margie said...

I love this picture. I am a So Calif girl who has been tranplanted to the east coast (hubby is in the Navy) and I definately miss seeing the sunset over the ocean. Hopefully soon we can make it back to where we belong. . the west coast.

Erin G. said...