lavender, originally uploaded by pilgrimgirl.

My lavender is so incredible this year--I have two gigantic bushes with big tall wands of purple. The bees just love it and so do I!


Kristen said...

Wow, you have so many different kinds of plants - roses, irises, a peach tree, and lavender, and of course vegetables. How big is your community garden, and how big is your section of it? (I'm not too familiar with community gardens or how they work.) How far away is it from your apartment?

jana said...

I've never exactly measured my perimeter (and my garden has an odd L-shape so it's not exactly easy to guestimate the square footage), but my rough approximation is abt 450 sq ft.

Our community garden has more than 50 plots and a few are as large as mine and some are more like 50 sq ft. The garden is within a few blocks of where I live, so it's pretty handy. :)

I have six permanent raised beds for vegetable gardening and 3 bed areas for flowers or perennial herbs. I also have some areas that are for seasonal/temporary projects and 2 areas of seating (one with a small table for meals and one for a couple of chairs near the roses). I'm sure it sounds far more organized than it really is. Basically it's a large sandbox for a really big kid.

Linguini-Nini said...

Oooh, that's lovely lavender! Ted and I just planted some along the front part of our yard as part of our efforts to decrease water use. It's still a bit anemic, but you know what they say: sleep, creep, leap. Hopefully it will be as gorgeous as yours in 3 years. :-)

belleshpgrl said...

I just got a potted lavendar plant that is started to droop though I'm watering it appropriately. I have no land to plant it in since I'm an urban apartment dweller. I would love to see it bloom. What do you suggest?