just so you know

--those blue streaks in my hair...well, I most certainly did not violate my resolve to not dye my hair.

--so my dissertation adviser now eavesdrops on my blog. How's a person supposed to blog guilt-free when she knows that there's research and writing to be done?

--I swam an easy 1000m at lunch today, trying to keep cool in the nearly-90 degree heat. When I came home I looked rather longingly at the pile of sweaters from my trip that I'll probably never wear here in SoCal.

--had the heebie-jeebies last night after reading the "finding the murdered body" scene in this book. Ghastly, creepy stuff, that. Ugh.

--have been thinking about my costume for this upcoming event when it dawned on me that I already have an Edwardian-era dress--that white one I wore on a rather important occasion 16 years ago. Do you want to take bets on whether it still fits? And I wonder, for events such as this one if being period-correct is really that important, or is it just an excuse to wear a corset and garter belt?

--my mailbox has been chock-full of this kind of porn lately--what about yours?

PS: the blue streaks match the color of the new blue wall in my bedroom...


Anonymous said...

Aww, that's a lovely wedding photo! So cute! And you're right about the dress! Although my impression from the photos on the website is that you're also right about the ball being more an excuse to wear a corset ;)

jana said...

I checked out a bunch of EB pics on flickr and it totally looks like it's the latter...guess John and I will have to arm wrestle over which one of us gets to wear my corset this time...

bonzai said...

Those tomatoes look so...enticing. My porn is more along the Wayside Gardens / White Flower Fence Farm lines. I have, at long last, a garden and visions of toad lilies and columbines are dancing in my head.
And the corset? Maybe they had it right - much easier than 100s of ab crunches. ;)