The picture that John posted today, "Taking Flight," resonates on many different levels. Not only does he look as though he's hovering mid-air, but his posture also brings to mind the images of Christ hanging on the cross.

For me, however, what I first noticed about this image, was how his chest is open to receive the world. When I do yoga, many of my favorite poses involve opening my chest in this same way. It's an exposed feeling to lead with one's heart like this. It's vulnerable. But given that so much of what we do in our lives involves holding things close, shoulders hunched over and arms grasping, it feels good to open up and let go. To let the world take us where it will.

One of my favorite things is to float on the ocean in this posture--arms outstretched and heart filling up with the sun.


JohnR said...

Kinda humbling to see it here--I wanted to do more with it, but powered it out last night in < 15 minutes, I think. But I'm glad it resonated with you. And I learned a bit about myself, I think, in your response to it.

Dejah Thoris said...

It is an extraordinary photo, and I'm glad you shared it and shared your thoughts on it.

You're right, Jana, that opening of the heart posture is amazing, powerful yet vulnerable all at once, and I love how John captures it so beautifully with the energy through his arms.

The Christ-like imagery is amazing too.