Just a few days ago, I joined up with gowalla.com. I'm feeling a lot like I did a few years ago when I first joined twitter--the possibilities of this new platform aren't yet apparent to me. But I have friends who really enjoy geo-tagged games (so I'm convinced I just might, too), and I have to admit that there's something kind of fun about "checking in" at different places and seeing other people who have also frequented those same spaces.

But I have to say, probably the main reason that I joined, is because I'm bringing my phone along with me to when I canoe to Catalina this year. And you can bet that as soon as I've paddled all those miles over, I'm going to be celebrating by broadcasting my geolocation far and wide.

Today I came across this video of last year's Oceanside outrigger race. In this vid I'm steering a coed crew and I appear at around 55 seconds from the right side of my boat, and then a few seconds later from the left side (I'm wearing a green baseball cap). Can't you just see how exciting the race is from this video! The waves were particularly rough that day and several boats tipped over. On the 28th I'll be paddling in Oceanside again, and then Sept. 11th will be the big Catalina crossing. Woot!

Oceanside Women's Race from Andrew Waldron on Vimeo.

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