Something old, something new...

There are parts of my life in which I'm extremely old-fashioned, and others that I'm completely hi-tech.  For example, I'd choose a turn-of-the-last-century house, a vinyl album, and vintage clothing over the same items new.  But I'm an early adopter of most social technologies--first using BBSs, email, geocities, and listservs back in the early 90s, blogging for nearly a decade, and now an avid twitterer.  

I don't see much of a pattern in my proclivities.  But it does seem that I prefer old *things* and I prefer new *methods.*  So my car is 13 years-old and my laptop is seven and my SIGG bottle wears its battle scars proudly.  But I usually know whatever the "new big thing" is on the web, follow twitter trending topics avidly, and enjoy discussing the latest tech news.  

The old and new are on my mind today because I've gotten several comments lately about the fact that this blog still lives on blogger (an artifact from the day when blogspot.com was the latest shiny tool).  I've actually re-built this site several times on wordpress, and yet each time I've started the process of migrating the content, I've changed my mind.  It's likely that I'll actually move forward with it soon, as part of my online portfolio project--but it's hard to move on from a space that's been 'home' for so long.  It feels like that comfortable pair of jeans that just keeps emerging from my closet even though it's well past time for them to become quilting materials.

Picture above shows the bunnies congregating at the University of Victoria

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Elissa Minor Rust said...

Guilty for being one of those to mention the blogger thing. :) I love your blog (and you) no matter where it resides!