sailing away...

Yesterday I sailed away from the United States and entered Canada. This is my first trip to Canada that was more than a day-long jaunt or a layover. I love the variety accents. There were French-speaking teens surrounding me on my ferry ride. The restaurants give me "evidence" rather than a credit card receipt. It is not cold here, but it did rain yesterday.

Perhaps the best part of my travels is meeting several online friends in real life--I especially appreciate the 'taxi' service from @leisurelyviking and @jcmeloni.  Traveling tends to reaffirm the faith I have in the connectedness of our world, as well as the deep-down beauty of stranger-friends.

I am here for an intensive summer workshop.  I'd kind of forgotten what it feels like to be a student and take lecture notes.  But it's all coming back very quickly...And I love that my instructor's recent research focuses on literary journeys through the Lake District of northern England.  I am now scheming a jaunt to that region either before or after my conference in London next month.  Such scenery.  Such history.  Such adventure!  :)

PS: This journey marks my first out-of-the-country trip on my own.  Also, my first by-myself ferry ride.

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MsAmpuTeeHee said...

De-lurking to say:
Those are some pretty great firsts :-) Fun times. Happy travels.