such a big boy!

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GameBoy is turning 16 years old today, which seems unbelievable. I know, parents always say that. But...wow!

As an example of the fine human being that he's evolving into:
The other night we were having a dinner conversation about cheating at school. GB was saying how hard it is to ignore the rampant cheating on quizzes that happens in many of his classes. Occasionally, he explained, he will hear the "right" answer to a question inadvertently when his friends are sharing such info with each other. So then, when he gets to that particular question on the quiz and comes up with the same answer as he overheard, he will purposefully mark it wrong--just to prove that he didn't cheat.
Can you see why he blows me away? Not only is he an amazingly compassionate taller-than-me teen, but he also works terrifically hard to do what's right. His moral compass is true.  It's an honor to be his Mom.

And I love him so. Always have and always will.

Happy Birthday, buddy!

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JohnR said...

He's my hero. :)