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me & Frida, in the graveyard, originally uploaded by pilgrimgirl.
Recently I signed up for Foursquare, thinking that it would be groovy-cool to join in a real-life location-based game. However, I haven't actually played along yet. It seems that I'm already more-than-visible to the world through my various internet presence(s), and I'm not sure that I want to add to that. At least not yet.

It anything, I've been feeling rather exposed by having so many online venues, clamoring for my attention. For example, I'm on Twitter under various aliases: @janaremy, @MHpodcast, @theexponent, @ATChapman, @PDP2010, @dhsocal. Granted, several of these logins I share with other group members....but it's still a lot to manage! Blogwise, I can be found in numerous spaces, too: PilgrimSteps, MakingHistoryPodcast: Blog, HistoryCompass, DHSoCal, The Exponent, etc. Then there's flickr and Facebook and LinkedIn and Posterous. Not to mention GoogleBuzz and GChat and Skype.

These online presences all complement my "in-real-life" busy-ness. I'm shuffling between two campuses, fulfilling parenting/household duties, and escaping to the ocean as often as is reasonable.

Of course, it would be uber-awesome to be mayor of the Pacific--or at least of Newport Harbor. But I'm not yet convinced that I need a web app to tell me I own those spaces.

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