Teh Awesome

John & Catgirl battling it out in one of UCI's Lecture Halls. They crack me up!
PS: Look how tall that Catgirl is getting!


journeygal said...

That's really funny. :-) Who came up with the idea?

jana said...

not sure--you'll have to ask them where they found their inspiration :)

JohnR said...

Thanks for posting this! :)

journeygal, we just saw the chalkboard and it seemed natural, and I came up with the words. As for the general idea, (chalk/white)+board and photo interactions are everywhere these days (like that UPS whiteboard guy).

btw, how are you and Mr. journeygal doing these days?

Dejah Thoris said...

I love that John & Catgirl do these sorts of things together! Fun shot!