Daily Cuppa


This evening a friend dropped by and we shared some tea & scones after dinner. It wasn't until about after an hour of chatting that I realized that I've been so crazy-intensely busy lately that the luxury of having a friend over for a cup of tea simply hasn't been on my agenda. It's no wonder, perhaps, that I've been waking up in the morning with a tight jaw, after I've been dreaming about lists of "To-Do" all night.

So I'm trying to reincorporate some space for peace and relaxation. Adding meditation. Walks. Sitting time in the garden. It won't be easy with the schedule that I've got over the next few weeks, but I know I need to keep the balance in my life. (poetry, I hear you calling my name....)

For those of you who have missed my regular postings here, you might want to drop by History Compass or take a listen to one of my recent podcasts.


EmilyCC said...

pictures of your assortment of teas always make me happy!

Susan hayward said...

okay, that tears it. I MUST HAVE A SCONE NOW. Preferably with you. In California.

Brooke said...

I needed to hear this. Morning headaches means not enough calm time for me. Thanks for reminding me. Wish it were me having that cuppa with you. :)

jana said...

I wish I could have tea with all 3 of you right now--what a fun time that would be! :)