UCI Verano Ethernet Outage

I'm posting the letter that I received from the Verano Housing Office about the Ethernet outage, so those who didn't receive this letter directly have the necessary information. Let me also note that from my personal research (from my informal network of friends and from walking around Verano to talk to other residents, this outage is for ALL Verano residents. If I'm wrong and you're a Verano resident with Internet access, please drop a comment below):
December 26, 2009

TO: All Verano Place Residents
FROM: bchaney@uci.edu

RE: Ethernet Problems

If you are able to receive this message, please share this information with other Verano Place residents who may not have Ethernet access.

We are aware of two Ethernet problems in Verano Place. The first is a certificate issue that should have been resolved last Tuesday. If you are getting a message to accept the Clean Access Certificate, please contact OIT (824-2222) for assistance.

The second problem, no Ethernet service to some sections of Verano, was reported last Thursday. At that time, the system showed over 900 active links, so while there is some service, there is a significant outage. The system has been checked remotely by two of our IT staff and on-site by another. Unfortunately, it appears that we will not have the resources to resolve the outage problem until January 4th.

Other Computing Resources
In the meantime, please be aware that the computer lab in the Engineering Gateway is available for round the clock use (except Tuesdays 2-4 am). Also, we are currently making arrangements to reopen the Verano Place Cafe (3300 Verano Place) during the break to provide a more local resource. There are 6 computers and wireless access if you would like to use your laptop. Staffing is being arranged, so hours are uncertain at this time. Please call before heading over (949-824-7981).

I will send an update if the situation changes.


Engineering Gateway 1140 24 Hours/7 Days
(Closed Tues. 2-4 AM for Cleaning)

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