I call it my "office"

Last Wednesday our Internet connection went down. Within a few days we learned that this was an outage affecting most of our neighbors, perhaps even thousands of on-campus apartments. This happened during the budget-mandated furlough at UCI, which means that all the IT people are on mandatory leave. There's one measly helpline open, and they have no jurisdiction over the Ethernet systems in on-campus residences.

Then today we received an email letting us know that we'd likely not have Internet until Jan 4th. Sigh. But we also learned that one laundry room in our neighborhood has wireless (why a laundry room? Oh, wouldn't I like to know!). So for now, this is my office--where I'll be doing all the writing & research that I'd planned for the Winter break. It's horribly inconvenient--I've been standing at the side of a washer typing away for the past 45 minutes. Talk about unergonomic! But, at least I'm connected and I can now get some small portion of my work done.

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Alli Easley said...

What a pain in the butt! I'm hoping you can concentrate with all that noise...grrrr!