one of those moments...

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Life has had its share of stresses and frustrations lately, so much so that for about the past three months I've had to put effort into finding space to "get away from it all for awhile." Though I love the work I do as a PhD student, it has a way of filling up my mind and my life in ways that make it difficult to ever feel like I have time off.

So Saturday was one of those moments when John and I were able to escape for a bit of a date night (time for just the two of us--yay!) and chose to watch a friend's Roller Derby team match. It's a pretty unlikely event for me to attend, so the novelty made it even more fun, I'd say.

I really loved this picture of me with Alicia (wearing her cute roller derby uniform)--it's so spontaneous and happy.

Pic by John

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Aerin said...

I love derby! Great photo as well.