Special Election

For my California friends...Here are the recommendations for the May 19 Special Election from the Friends Committee on Legislation:

Proposition 1A: No. State Budget.
Proposition 1B: Neutral. Education Funding
Proposition 1C: No. Lottery Modernization.
Proposition 1D: No. Protects Children's Services.
Proposition 1E: No. Mental Health Services.
Proposition 1F: No. Elected Officials' Salaries.

To learn more about why they made these recommendations, click here.

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Anonymous said...

Here’s a one shot summary of everything that is 100% verifiably TRUE about First 5 and Prop 1D (from IRS docs, state audited financials and the First 5 databases)

For starters:

First 5 has $2 BILLION+ ONLY because it took 2 years+ for most of them to do their strategic plan AND they were not allowed to spend the funds coming in until they did.

It was NOT due to good planning! They were forced to save it and spend it slowly per their strategic plans. There is no budget impact because they will use what they have in the bank to fund the 5 years of temporary sharing that they are being asked to do.

So, who can a person believe at FIRST 5 ?

1. Not First 5 commissioners, since IMO they “self deal”. For a clear example, check out Riverside First 5, whose Commissioners raked in 75%+ of all program funds in FY 07/08 – at least one resigned – and they had to restructure! See www.pe.com for more info. Julia Glick was the reporter. Check out your local First 5 to see just how true this is!

2. Not the First 5 lobbyist, Sherry Novick. She received over $1 MILLION of First 5 funds - $200K of which went into her pension account - IRS Form 990s say so! If Prop 1D passes, it cuts her off from receiving any new funds.

ALSO – audited financials show that First 5 does NOT spend responsibly:

1. First 5 spent over $100 MILLION on private evaluation consultants!

They are on track to spend $500 MILLION on evaluation within 15 years

And $1 BILLION+ within 25 years! Where’s the beef? Where’s the results? Nada!


First 5 spent $500 MILLION+ on ADULTS in a program called CARES.

They gave Master's degree holders up to $5,000 just to stay in their jobs!

Not a documented penny went to children 0 to 5! This money went up in smoke?!

Please look into it!

here’s how: google san diego first 5 evaluation report, CARES database, First 5 California financial reports, First 5 Association and Califonia Children and Families Foundation IRS Form 990s (CA state atty gen and foundationcenter.org)