In case you've never seen an outrigger canoe on the open ocean, here's a peek (and can you tell why I love it???):


Alisa said...

I'm out of breath, watching this. What power, strength and teamwork it takes.

John (with an h) said...

The soundtrack playing while you paddle would make it cooler.

What was the drill at about 1m in where some people hopped into the ocean and others climbed into the vacated seats?

And finally, is this an excuse to buy and wear cool UnderArmor athletic gear?

John (with an h) said...

Does someone call cadence?

jana said...

The dropping into the ocean is to change seats on long races--three ppl 'drop' out to the support boat and 3 ppl jump in replace them. But the canoe never stops moving during all of this--it's all about the timing.

The #2 seat calls the paddle switches every 15 strokes or so and the steersman helps to keep everyone paddling in unison.

Of course the teams in this vid are just slightly more smooth and organized than our novice team :)

JohnW: If you're ever interested, I'd love to have you join us for paddling sometime! Having been a swimmer, I think you'd totally love it.

jana said...

PS: Our team is sponsored by Patagonia so most of us get our performancewear from them (at a nice discount, I should add). Our Jerseys are really cool (made of quick drying capilene)--I'll show ya sometime.

G said...

whoa... so very cool (and people jumping out of boats too!)