What?, originally uploaded by mind on fire.

If our cats had names like those of Snow White's seven companions, they would be:
(or maybe one of them might be "Saggy")

What about your cats?

PS: If you ever receive bizarre emails from me, you can be sure that they were sent by EllyCat's nether regions...

PPS: This pic has two kitties: Elly & NekoNeko (a.k.a. the ASUS laptop)


Erin G. said...


Peanut would be "Stinky" and Sonnie would be "Sly"

Christopher Bigelow said...

A good name for my cat would be Nosy.

Just got him last November at the urging of the kids, and I've totally become a cat person. Amazing!

Bored in Vernal said...

I'm not a cat person, but I sure love your laptop!

Linguini-Nini said...

I think EllyKat's Nethers would make a great name as Ellie Kanether.

My late cat would be Pissy. She was an anti-social old crank who only had a warm spot for one person - me.
I miss her a lot. But she definitely should have been called Pissy.

Amy said...


And both would be Spoiled

Cory said...

My cat would be Bitey. But I'm really writing to say what a sweet little black spot on your cat's mouth/mose!

Gray said...

I love the concept of email from "EllyCat's nether regions." In our house the keyboard is operated by a left paw and the rodent is controlled by a tail, while right paw and nose serve to decorate our screen with schmutz.

I love the photo!

We have a happy Asus EEE household, with Linux flavoring.

belleshpgrl said...

That picture is marvelous! It makes me want to share this story with you. Our couch sits right against my desk, on which sits my desktop. My cat likes to sit on the desk so her front half hangs over the top of the couch. This leads to her rump hitting my keyboard all the time. If she hits one of the "F#" keys the Mac beeps. One day she sat on the right key and set off non-stop beeping. She started freaking out and trying to bat at my monitor's speaker but every time she moved it would stop- until she would sit back down. She didn't know what was going on and it was really great to watch.

Anonymous said...

My cat would be Premenstruella. She is sassy, crabby and cuddly.