Fruits of My Labor., originally uploaded by mind on fire.

We've been doing a book audit and re-inventory as we switch from BookCollector to LibraryThing for managing our collection.

I love cleaning, purging, organizing. I love books. I think I should have been a librarian.

If the economy didn't suck, I might (someday) pursue that dream of mine to own a bookshop/coffeehouse. With overstuffed vintage furniture. And kitty cats. And scones everyday.


Anonymous said...

If you ever open your coffeeshop/bookstore/etc., be warned you'll probably need a bouncer to get rid of me. Especially if you have scones.

Cory said...

Way back when I was applying to library school, the folks in the know told me not to mention my love of books in my app - that so many potential applicants stated their bibliophilia, but had no aptitude or desire to work with humans. (I like both books and humans.)

[kɹeɪ̯ɡ̊] said...

I love scones. Especially with clotted cream. Books are great too.

and tea.

Maureen said...

Scones every day - yum! Fruit scones, I hope?

lma said...

Every book shop should have cats. The scones sound really good, too.


Sarah Rose Evans said...

sounds like heaven. you should put your scones on towering vertical trays, along with tarts, cookies, finger sandwiches, and slices of chocolate hazelnut torte. Oh, and you should hire me to work there, so that I can hang out all day and talk about novels. (I'm also open to discussing poetry.)

jana said...

You are hereby all hired to work in my bookstore--as either cashiers, book talkers, cat-scratchers, or scone eaters!

And Sarah, I think "Like Heaven" would be a great name for a groovy bakery/bookshop/hangout, except that I suspect folks would think it was run by Xians. Nirvana, perhaps? (hmmm....but weird Kurt Cobain-ness). Any other name suggestions??

belleshpgrl said...

I think you and I share the same dream. I took a few classes in my school's library science program because I love organizing, introducing people to new things, and being in a place that fosters new thoughts. And a bookstore is something that would satisfy all those needs without needing an MSIS. I would just like to have a job in the field I've wanted (the arts) before I abandon it to be surrounded by books.

Melissa said...

Ohhh, I would buy a plane ticket to come to that bookstore!!! Let me know if you ever open it!

Anonymous said...

Your bookstore sounds heavenly. I LOVE scones. Especially with clotted cream. And especially in England. At Kew Gardens. In Spring, during a rainfall.
But I think your place would be a close second.

Where did you get your bookcases? They look very nice.