I said yes...

butterfly on heliotrope, originally uploaded by pilgrimgirl.

Today I said Yes to waking up curled up against John and hitting the snooze button over and over...and a homemade orange-cranberry scone and fresh strawberries.

I said Yes to jumping on the trampoline for my morning exercise and to giving the kitties their morning hugs. I said Yes to opening the curtains wide to let the morning sun inside, to wearing bright pink, to Rachmaninoff, and to giving myself this day to immerse myself in my research.

What are you saying Yes to today?


Linda said...

Very fun and inspiring post, giving some food for thought. Normally I just pop in to see your latest pics, but I felt compelled to comment.

Its an interesting idea to explore - and worth finding something to say YES to, even on an otherwise ordinary Thursday.

Alisa said...

I'll say yes to this post. What an amazing pic.

daisies said...

:-) yes!