We'll have three Friday the 13ths this year. I've never found them to be particularly unlucky days (how 'bout you?). John started a twitter thread to record 13 Lucky Things for today and I'm playing along. Here are my tweets:

Lucky Friday #1: found fav cashmere sweater immediately upon opening drawer in sleepy fog of awaking and realizing 'must-now-drive-carpool'

Lucky Friday #2: Flan. In fridge. And I have a spoon.

Lucky Friday #3: calendar page: empty. (though 'to-do' list is plenty long)

Lucky Friday #4: New silver hoop earrings, tinkling lightly as I walk

Lucky Friday #5: Three gigantic farm-fresh tomatoes broiled in the oven. And I have a fork.

Lucky Friday #6: My podcast intro song, "I Fell Off My Name," randomly playing on my iPod mix while I'm exercising

Lucky Friday #7 & 8: Rain outside while I'm cozy inside. Wearing socks handknit by Mom.

Lucky Friday #9: some fav lyrics--"Oh hold me like a baby that will not fall asleep.Curl me up inside you and let me hear you feel the heat"

Lucky Friday #10: Finishing up with book that's been recalled by the univ library. Will put me in good graces with ILL again.

Lucky Friday #11: Finished reading _Oryx & Crake_ last night so I get to start a new novel tonite. Which one will it be?

Lucky Friday #12: cornbread w/bean stew for dinner. Daughter asks "is there anything that doesn't taste better with cornbread?"

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alisonwonderland said...

for some reason, a few weeks ago my 9yo son latched onto the idea of friday, the 13th being a horrible day. for a few days, it was all he could talk about, so i decided to try to convince him that we don't put any stock in superstitions like that by planning a little "party" for today - and for next month too. (last week he realized that we'll have to have one in november as well.) so we had pizza and ice cream tonight while watching a couple dvds and playing a game of blokus trigon. it was a "lucky" night!