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I'm not feeling particularly festive today, but I just realized that I wore a bright red top today not even thinking about it being a good v-day color (though, in my book, every day should be a red-worthy day). Also wearing my "Journey" necklace (yay!)

Though I am sometimes loathe to admit it, I really love it when my house is clean. I don't like saying that because there's something sort of shallow and petty about that (why? I don't know). Anyways, the family has pitched in this morning to do some deep cleaning jobs that have gone unattended for far too long, which makes me feel very good. Also, we 'decluttered' a large bag of kids' clothes/shoes and goodies to a friend whose children will love them.

I just finished cleaning our stove and oven, using only baking soda paste. I love that it's far simpler to use than the toxic chemicals I used to use on my oven--the ones that would make us all choke and wheeze, and my eyes would burn as I cleaned. Yuck!

One question for you all: we now use diluted vinegar for cleaning all of our surfaces, but because I don't really care for the smell of vinegar, do you have any ideas on adding a bit of citrus or herbal scent to the cleaning solution? Would essential oils work or would they leave a residue? Should I just add a few lavender wands from my garden, or would they go all yuck in a spray bottle with vinegar-water?


Anonymous said...

You might as well try the lavender--what have you got to lose? A few cents' worth of vinegar? I would not put them in until they're fully dry, though. Maybe snip and let dry for a few days first?

Linguini-Nini said...

Why not put the lavender in some rubbing alcohol for a while, then add the rubbing alcohol to the vinegar. Ted and I use a vinegar/alcohol mix for our cleaning.

Hmm, thinking about it, you could do that with lemon peel too, or just about any flower/herb.

sarah k. said...

I've made all-purpose cleaning solution (from a recipe on some green magazine site) using vinegar, borax or baking soda, and a few drops of lavender essential oil. I also love it with grapefruit oil. From what I remember off the top of my head, the ones with antiseptic qualities are lavender (lavare=wash), grapefruit (or other citrus), and tea tree oil.

I read a how-to recently on making linen refreshers using a small spray bottle filled with water and a small amount of lavender oil, spritzed over sheets or blankets. It helps ward off moths, as well as smelling heavenly.

G said...

hmmm, no good suggestions on cleaning with vinegar, but good luck with that.

I wore my journey girl necklace too! yay!

Lynda said...

I use vinegar too, but I also use in a spray bottle a few drops of blue Dawn (original formula)lavendar,or sweet orange, or lemon oil and water.Especially like the lavendar mixture to clean my bathroom floor.