marble cemetery, NYC, originally uploaded by pilgrimgirl.

John knows that I find cemeteries fascinating, and along with the requisite train ride, I think a cemetery visit is a must when I/we travel. This one was rather forlorn and I couldn't get any close-ups because the gates were locked (as was the case with all the NYC cemeteries that we happened upon). It had the most vigorous squirrel population I've ever seen--the ground was crawling with them.


bonzai said...

I have been lucky enough to travel with a friend who does not find my love of cemeteries morbid or odd. She has embraced their peace and the stories they tell. They are a place to let the imagination run free.
The locked gates would have been awful - like being the kid who can only press his face against the glass of the candy store window.

Elissa Minor Rust said...

Oh, I love visiting cemeteries in new towns! I think there is truly no better way to learn the history of a place than through its cemeteries. I especially love the pioneer ones--the older, the better. Of course, being a fiction writer, I get a lot of ideas from the the odd trinkets left at the base of headstones and the inscriptions.

Cool picture!