a simple gift for you

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It's Friday and you've probably got a hectic weekend ahead (I know I have a lot on my calendar). So let me give you a simple little gift to make you feel a bit more relaxed tonite...

1) Go to the kitchen
2) Pull some vegetable oil (I think olive is best) and some salt (coarse ground is best, but any will do) out of the cupboard.
3) Standing over the sink, drip about 2 teaspoons of oil into one palm.
4) Then shake about a tablespoon full of salt into your palm
5) Rub your hands together, rubbing the oil/salt in all over your palms, the backs of your hands, and each finger. Use circles to rub it into the backs of your hands and your wrists. Give each finger a gentle stretch as you rub the mixture into each joint. Keep this up for a few minutes.
6) Then, wash your hands with a gentle soap--preferably one with a light natural fragrance.

Now.....don't your hands feel smooth and relaxed? :)

Sometimes the most important thing in a whole day is the rest we take between two deep breaths.
~Etty Hillesum



Vajra said...

Jana, I was so happy to see a quotation from Etty Hillesum. One of my "transformative" writers.

Marta said...

delightful. better yet, get someone to do it for you, and then you can do his too and you'll both feel better.

jana said...

Good idea Marta! :)

Vajra: I love that one quote but I haven't read any of her letters/diaries. Transformative lit sounds like something I would truly enjoy. Can you tell me why they were transformative for you?

Vajra said...

I have been "haunted" by the Shoah for many years. The Diaries of Anna Frank were an important part of my childhood. I read the diaries, saw the play, the movies and felt the sorrow of what people can do to one another. I found Etty's diary and it was revelation to read about a young woman with lovers, and career, and hopes, and longings, that seemed more vibrant than the young girl's possibilities. And, of course, we learn what it is to have a busy, engaged adult imprisoned and doomed, yet her last noted stated, "We have left the camp singing."

Vajra said...

p.s. I just soothed my hands w/olive oil and salt. Lovely.