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Goth Dilly., originally uploaded by mind on fire.

This is me, as I look most of the time (well, maybe not in these particular clothes because I do attempt to shower and change my clothes on most days). Here I'm sitting on the bed typing away on my beloved "junebug" computer.

This is the business of history-making: the long hours spent at keyboard and/or reading. These days I read a minimum of one book per day and I try to write at least two pages daily on my dissertation. I love my work and my life. I'm so lucky to be well-funded and able to pursue this fascinating line of research (and my diphtheria stories make such great party talk!).

For those of you who are still reading(!), you might enjoy my recent ruminations today on my history blog...where I discuss the process of "making collaborative butter sculptures" (do you think I've had just wee bit too much work and no play lately???).


(photo by John)


Anonymous said...

Don't let me forget to ask you more about the historians working alone thing from your butter sculptures post. I find that puzzling. We economists don't have labs either, but collaborating is seen as how one gets things done in a crazy world. Relatively few papers are single-author. So now I'm curious!

jana said...

Historians rarely collaborate on their research, so this is a novel concept for our profession. We definitely should talk about this! :)

Erin G. said...

cute half-gloves! (I'm not as smart as you....that's all I have to offer today.) (hee!)