the path of joy

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Learning to live in the present moment is part of the path of joy.
~Sarah Ban Breathnach

Undoubtedly, I will not live up to every expectation that I've set up for myself for this holiday season. Some gifts may be late, some may not please the recipient as much as I'd hoped, some important details might be neglected.

As we settle into the last hours before we leave on our trip and I realize all of the items on the 'to-do' list will not be checked off, I am panicking a bit. How to prioritize? What must be done now and what can wait? Have I prepared well? Will we at least be safe and ready for any contingencies that might arise?

And most importantly, can I relax and enjoy myself, without concerns about what might be left undone?


Anonymous said...

I dreamed about you guys last night- you were having a blast together in DC. Hope it comes true!

jana said...

You are so sweet to share your vision of our travels. Thank you for the peace you've brought me! I do know we will have fun, I just wish there wasn't so much to worry about beforehand...