How the UPS man ruined Christmas

Reblogged from 2 years ago...

Setting: evening at our house. The front door is open because it's stuffy inside the house from cooking dinner. GameBoy and CatGirl are sitting at their desk in the living room working on their homework. Christmas carols are playing on the stereo. Our brightly lit Christmas tree is visible from the front doorway. A guy in a brown uniform is walking up the pathway to our place.

UPS Guy: Ma'am? Your package broke open in the truck, the tape is undone on one side now. Can I bring it on in for you? It's really big...

Me: Sure, put it right here in front of the bookcase.

UPS Guy: Someone's sure lucky to be getting a -----.

Me: Shhhhh....(gesturing wildly towards the kids)

A deep intake of breath from one of the kids, a squeal of delight from the other.

UPS Guy: Uh oh.


Anonymous said...

Trumpeting the contents of a package, especially around Christmas, seems like an obvious no-no. Maybe he's new?

It sounds like the kids agreed with him, though. :D

Anonymous said...

Er, maybe he WAS new. Back in 2006, when this happened. LOL