train by dawn, originally uploaded by pilgrimgirl.

Yesterday I rode the trains to Pasadena (metrolink and metro goldline). Also caught a cab for the last 2 miles of the journey into the land where busses don't run (silly San Marino and Huntington Library).

I heart trains with tables and outlets for my laptop so I can get lotsa work done during my commute!

I do not heart cabs full of "interesting smells" (why oh why do cabs smell so terrible?), although I am very enamored of jolly cab drivers who don't mind stopping mid-way to pick up a friend.

PS: Two new things I've recently learned: Ellycat likes beef jerky. Bobette-kitty likes deli ham (even begging irresistibly with her round paws in the air).


God's Guitar Girl said...

I'm only laughing this hard because I know exactly what "smells" you're talking about... hahahaha...

Muriel said...

Aw, you were in my area. If I had known, tea and crumpets would've been in order.

(My area is not the funny smell in the taxi, btw.)

jana said...


I'm in that area very often nowadays--drop me a line and we'll arrange some tea! (phddillyATyahooDOTcom)


CaitlĂ­n Rosberg said...

I wanted to say that you are so inspiring and uplifting--I found you through Dooce's blog, and I never looked back. Every time you post, I feel better, more in touch with the people around me, and calmer.

I am telling you all of this for a reason (beyond just to let you know). I work for a website that is looking for beta testers, and I respect you so much I immediately thought of asking you. They're trying to help as many people as possible to learn their own power and knowledge, and I would love it if you would help us make sure the site works well. Please let me know if you or anyone else you know might be interested, or if you need more details. Thanks!