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rose at the H

I've been wanting to read the writings of Pico Ayer for quite some time--I have friends who gush about his travel writing. And I am now a fan, too, since I've read and re-read his "Room with a View" article from the Nov/Dec "Yoga + Joyful Living" magazine. In this piece he speaks of the joy of silent meditation during his regular pilgrimages to a California monastery, but as he says, "I wouldn't call this a pilgrimage because I'm not off to find myself, only to lose myself." He continues:
...here in the monastery I'm committing a deeper infidelity, against the life I know and the values by which we are supposed to live. I am being disloyal in the deepest way to the assumptions of the daily round, and daring to lay claim to a mystery at the heart of me...this is who I am when nobody is looking. This is who I'm not, because the petty, struggling, ambitious "I" is gone. I am as still, as timeless as the plate of sea below me.
...everyone knows moments she has a deeper, purer self within, something that belongs to what stands out of time and space, and...the very beauty of it, is that it admits us into the realm of what cannot be said."

In the past few years I have been schooling myself in the beauty of silence. I cherish those moments when I can connect to the deep core of Truth that's inside of me through removing myself from the complications of language. I know others find this Truth in myriad ways, but it's nice to hear a fellow pilgrim express the thoughts of my heart so very well.

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Rechabite said...

Another thumbs up to the Pico Ayer. Good stuff.