let there be light

On my next trip I'll be traveling light. I'm talking light as in everything fits into my backpack (and maybe some snacks in a shoulder bag). I've done it before--two weeks in Europe with a small daypack was no problem at all.

So I'm in the midst of packing for my next trip and thought I'd ask for your best light-traveling tips. How do you make sure you have everything you'll need while still being able to easily tote your bags?

PS: Boston, here I come! (first leg of the pilgrimsteps world tour! Yeehaa!)


Ms. Moon said...


sarah k. said...

Only bring ONE book. Is that possible? I'm doing the backpack thing too.

Marta said...

are you coming to the Exponent retreat?

jana said...

Yes, I will be at exponent! And you?

Marta said...

If the car makes it that far, I will be there with my daughter.

Ryan said...

I LOVE traveling light! Here are a couple of things that have saved me over the years: 1)purchased a Nalgene bottle kit (probably from Eddie Bauer) so any toiletries I needed from home could be packed into a smaller amount of space, 2) at most, I pack 2 pairs of pants/shorts, 3 shirts, 2 pairs of underwear (there is camping underwear that you can find at HTO or others that you can wash in the sink and dries out in an hour or so), 2-3 pairs of socks, and 1 pair of sturdy shoes; 3) Take the lightest paperback book (or two) I own and haven´t read yet and my travel journal. I find there´s nothing I ever really need beyond that... Good luck, and have fun!

Vajra said...

I don't know if this will all fit in a daypack but this is what I'm taking to Italy for 3 weeks:
2 pairs of shoes (Keen sandals, Keen Sydney II)
2 pairs of Travelers pants
5 pairs of sock; 2 pair stockings
8 pairs of underwear (all quick drying)
1 bra
6 tops
1 skirt
2 hats (1 w/built in flashlight!)
Toiletries all in travel size
natural sponge
microfiber towel
fanny pack for my tech: camera, backup batteries,Nano, iPod Photo (to download my photos) unlocked cell phone, chargers, flashcards
Some of this stuff I'm wearing on the plane.

Erin G. said...

Roll your clothes into super tight columns. Stuff socks and underwear into the weird corners to fill things out.

You do really well with The Simple -- I have confidence in you! :)

(Packing light is the best way to go: I worked on a cruise ship for nine months and had only ten items in my little closet because, hey, the passengers come and go....it's not like I needed to impress anybody!)