In the midst of new cat/old cat tensions at chez pilgrim, Bobette has occupied the favorite comfy chair, offering her a bird's eye view of the hallway. But Toby has crept, low, and without letting her collar bell sound...and managed to slide by B's watchful eye and then stealthily crept under the table, around the wall, and made it to the cat perch in front of the back door (which is just 2 feet behind said comfy chair). B is oblivious.

With the sweet taste of victory, TobyJoy jingles her bell loudly and then marches around the corner of the chair in full view of Bobette. Toby has claimed her territory and she is proud.

B rolls over to take a nap, but doesn't quite close her eyes completely...still watching TobyJoy lingering in the entranceway to the hall.

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