The drawing will be delayed for one day (good for you, you get one extra day to leave a comment!).

I am having some terrible phantom pains this afternoon (it happens one or twice per year). I'll feel better after hibernating for a few hours.

Happy Friday everyone! :)


This Little Light said...

Hope you are doing well. Have some health issues of my own that keep me from being and doing at times, so I understand.

John (with an h) said...

Mirror therapy! Just because I think it's cool.

Cait@theGimpygirls.com said...

These days my therapy consists of giving away the bounty that is coming from my garden. I wish I could give you a big basket of my antioxident healing tomatoes. Your lovely photos of your garden have inspired me to spend tommorow with my camera and my seven foot Sunflowers and my chartuse Zinnias.

*** said...

I heard about mirror therapy on the radio, have you tried it?