And the winner is....

I put all of your names in my magic blue bowl (note the recycled paper...):

names in the bowl

And stirred it around and picked one:

the winner

But there are two winners for this context, Bonzai (the name I picked from the bowl) and Sarah Rose Evans, because I liked her name suggestion the best. FYI, my camera is now "Frieda," named for artist Frieda Frida Kahlo.

For the winners: please email me (phddillyATyahoodotcom) with the flickr URL of my photo that you want printed and a shipping address for me to send it to you!

For those of you who didn't win...another blog giveaway coming VERY SOON!


sarah k. said...

I love Frida Kahlo. I love her imagery, the beauty of her work, the outward expression of her introspective insanity. Good choice.

Anonymous said...

I also think Frida is a great choice (note nonstandard spelling--well, maybe it's standard in Spanish). I actually dressed as her for Halloween one year when I had long hair!

jana said...

Ah, thanks for correcting my spelling JaneAnne! (and SarahK, you caught it, too!).

How cool it would be to dress up as her! I have a blogfriend with a Frida Kahlo shrine, which I think is the coolest idea ever.

Kristen said...

Great choice!

Cait said...

I too have dressed as Frida for Halloween. I wore a wig as I don't have long dark hair but I did use crutches from my large crutch collection. I wanted a costume that had the mobility devices that I already use as an integeral part of the costume. I have a large collection of crutches because I make tomato cages and garden trellises out of them. Oh ya and I sometimes use them to help me walk when a cane is just not enough. If you want to see my tomato crutch cages look under gardening on my blog TheGimpyGirls.com

Mother Earth said...

I had an art teacher, who adored frida - she was a morbidly obese woman from cuba. Her hair was very long - went past her her bottom, she wore cat eye glasses, and scarves and beads around her thick neck or in her hair - her work was these wooden screens with these heavy heavy feet. She incorporated into the screens religious icons, prayer cards, beads and thick thick strokes of paint, When she spoke of Frida she openly wept and I felt like I knew Frida because of my teacher's adoration. This teacher taught me boldness and a different way to see. My work at the time was eye opening!

I think naming your camera Frida is perfect