The Final Tally:
5 for 5. Absolutely and completely unbelievable.

I decided that I needed to do something to celebrate. Given that I'm a bit old for a drunken spree, I already have plenty of pairs of shoes, and I've been trying to eat healthier (read: cut out desserts), I decided a jaunt over to my local nursery was in order. I came home with a few more herbs and veggies for the garden (to replace those that died during my hospitalization awhile back) and three new rosebushes. Honestly people that was the BIGGEST extravagance ever. Three. Rosebushes. In some ways I really wish I wasn't a rose person--they seem so darn cliche and they are far from cheap. But these are gorgeous roses. The kind that sprout wild and lush 'round the far corners of grandma's garden. My favorite is called "Mon Cherie" and has a pale pink center surrounded by rich red petals and a light spicy scent. I'm contemplating adding a new rosebush for every fellowship earned. Now there's motivation!


Lorell said...

I cannot think of anyone who deserves it more. Jana, you rock!

lma said...

Congratulations, Jana.

Now you've got one more thing to celebrate this weekend, along with Independence Day and your continued healing.

Woo-hoo. :)

daisies said...

:) congratulations!!

Penny L. Richards said...

Zowie! That's excellent. Roses are a lovely choice for a celebration splurge.

JohnR said...

OK, I've already heard this, but You. So. Rock!

Vajra said...

Hoorah! I'm so glad for you! And what a fantastic way to celebrate: roses. I want to celebrate that way, too.

Anonymous said...

Not "unbelievable" at all. And this, by the way, harking back to a previous discussion, is something you deserve, because this is something you worked for and earned. :)

Good job, kiddo! Congratulations. :)

jana said...

Hey all:
I don't really feel that I've earned it yet--I will be earning it each day over the next year by showing my funding agencies how much work I will do with their monies. But it does make me feel just a smidge better about spending most of my holiday break last year on grant/fellowship applications. That was not fun.

I think I might divvy up my celebratory plants between trees and roses. I've wanted an avocado and a fig tree for so long, and this is giving me _permission_ to splurge! (the indulgence is just almost too much, having desired these for so long--maybe the fun was all in the wanting and not in the actual getting?) Ah, but the three roses that I cut from my new rosebushes and admired all evening long...wow. My other rosebushes (except for Elinor, whose story I will tell another day) are almost all either hand-me-downs from moving friends or are things I dug up in abandoned gardens. I'm just not used to buying such things *new.*