I have Elly's Attention, originally uploaded by mind on fire.

Last night Elly was particularly snuggly and lovey. During the summer when it's hot she typically lounges around on the end of the bed by the A/C (where it's cooler), but last night she kept walking around the head of the bed and purring.

It took me a few sleepy-eyed moments to realize that she wasn't settled in and sleeping near the head of the bed. Rather, she was positioning herself so she could drink the water out of my cup on the nightstand table. Euw. Shortly thereafter I got out of bed and got a different cup for water (a tall skinny glass, actually).

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Kizz said...

My friend has a (not so bright) cat who once got his head stuck in her bedside water glass. So now he's wary. He dips his paw in, shakes it off (over her face) then licks it.