About halfway during my son's swimmeet today I had an "aha" moment. I was working at the head table (entering stats into the team computer) and was continuously interrupted by people asking me about their volunteer jobs for the meet (which I knew nothing about--at all). It took about two hours for me to realize that they were confusing me with the Parent Volunteer Coordinator.

So I asked a person sitting next to me whether I resembled the PVC. He replied that I do--so much so that he had assumed that we were related.

Wow. That's just kinda weird.

So I asked John if we look alike. He said we look about as alike as any two suburban, anglo, brunette women with ponytails and wearing the same outfit (standard Mom uniform--crops and a tank).


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journeygal said...

LOL - oh no, you've turned into an undistinguishable Orange County Soccer Mom!!! AHHHH!!! Next thing you know you'll be getting "work" done and driving a big SUV!!!!

Just kidding. ;-)