Stalking Jana. Not really., originally uploaded by mind on fire.

I like this pic of the back of our home. I'm in the kitchen cooking John's Father's Day dinner as sunset falls (can you see that I was wearing my fancy apron because of the special occasion?)


sarah k. said...

It is cozy. The concrete (?) is cool, but the light from within is so warm and glowing. Plus, there's the implicit familial love of an image of a woman preparing dinner.

Jessica said...

And you call yourself a feminist?!?

Seriously, that's a beautiful picture.
Emily and I really want to come out and visit CA and see you (and the others, of course).

Jana said...

It's not concrete, it's ugly stucco. It's what most every house in SoCal is made of these days. Not terribly attractive, IMO. :)

For all of my feminism, I am actually quite the homemaker. I love cooking, baking, sewing, etc. I know it's not very liberated of me, is it? FWIW, I wield power tools and garden shovels as readily as a spatula or a crochet hook....

Alberta said...

Hey, who says feminists can't enjoy the home arts! :)