smells like vanilla, originally uploaded by pilgrimgirl.

My New Year's resolution: to fill my life with more vanilla. Seriously, it is my favorite scent (apart from the musky odor of John's skin).

I've had several goes at growing heliotrope (pictured above) and each time I've either given it too much sun, too small a pot, or forgot to tell a garden-sitter to water it (they are surprisingly unobtrusive and thirsty little plants). This year, I commit to growing it successfully. Because life is so much fuller when one grows vanilla-scented flowers...

Oh, and now that the new year has begun, I will indulge and buy some of my very favorite vanilla almond tea with a bit of my Christmas gift money. I tried to go wholly fairtrade with my tea and it just hasn't worked for me yet. I need my afternoon cup of comfort...

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