pilgrimclassic: a photo tribute to a well-traveled limb

Originally published on December 13, 2006:

Bidding farewell to most of my leg today as I upgrade the socket, cosmesis, stockings, and so forth. A pilgrimgirl first: a photo essay tribute to a well-traveled limb.

As I put this together I asked myself why I wanted to take pictures of my leg, why this was important to me. And I realized how much I wish I had similar photos of my real leg before it was amputated. To help me remember.

Update: here is a 'key' to the photos for those that are difficult to identify
1) both feet
2) my worn-out heel
3) a tear in the covering at my knee
4) the valve that seals my suction socket
5) my big toe w/a shredded nylon over it
6) looking down the back of the leg starting at the heel


Gray said...

I remember the original posts about your new leg, and was struck by the intimate and meditative way you wrote and illustrated your entries.

I was wondering if you remain pleased by the results.

jana said...

Yes, I've really been happy with my new prosthetist and his work on my leg. Thanks for asking!

I do have perpetual problems with sores, fatigue, etc. But these seem more to do with my 'active' lifestyle (read: my insistence on wearing my leg 12+ hours/day) and less about a poorly fabricated socket.

My only worry now is that my bionic knee is no longer under warranty and I haven't been willing to pay the out-of-pocket expense for its annual service (to the tune of $1K). I am crossing my fingers that its computer will hold out for a long while yet.