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To celebrate 18 years of being married, we escaped for a night to a hotel near the Huntington Library (where I had some scholarly meetings the next day). It was bliss to have an evening with John: to relax in a shwanky hotel lobby and chat, and then to retire together to piles of pillows and a ginormous cozy bed...The next morning was even better as we indulged in a fancy breakfast.

If someone had told me on September 2, 1992 that 18 years later I'd still be married to John, that I'd be nearly finished with my Ph.D., that our children would be such outstanding people, that I'd be paddling on the ocean several times a week, and that I'd be ambulating on a bionic leg...I would probably have believed them. Because ever since I met John the magic of our lives has just continued on and on...


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Congrats! I love you both.