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The other day I had a cardamon-rose cupcake (sprinkled with real rose petals--so pretty!). I kind of can't stop dreaming about how much I enjoyed it. But I seem to do the same with just about anything rose-flavored. I think I love the way the sweetness and the scent travel from my tongue to my nose. Just like all those roses in my garden that are so fragrant I want to dig right into them with a spoon! (yum)


topo said...

How to make a rose lassi:

• Three cups plain yogurt
• One half cup fine sugar
• Three teaspoons rose water or to taste, or 1 teaspoon of rose syrup or to taste (both available from your nearby Indian grocery)
• One and a half cup ice cubes, crushed

You can blend everything together, or blend everything but the ice cubes and pop them in at the end. :)

journeygal said...

Mmmm....was it homemade or at a bakery somewhere?

Chandelle said...

I have a bit of an obsession with rose petals, too. I'm not too fond of the plants themselves, but the flowers are so versatile. Recently I've been working on a recipe for a cucumber sorbet with rosewater. Have you ever made sugared rose petals? It might be a fun project when you have a glut in your garden. You just whisk up some egg whites, dip the petals in there and let the white run off, then dredge them in sugar and let them dry. Then you can make your very own cardamom cupcakes with candied rose petals! (Though I know, half the fun is that you DON'T have to make them. :)