at the beach

girls at the beach, originally uploaded by pilgrimgirl.

Our neighbor took this gorgeous picture of our daughters at the beach. I'm posting it today because my hands are exhausted from a full day of typing and my head is overwhelmed at the way my "little ones" are growing up so quickly.

At Chapman all of the freshmen are arriving this week for Orientation. They are wandering all around the campus with their parents in tow. It won't be so very long before that is me, launching my kids into the next phase of their lives...


Hungry Passport said...

Just lovely--and makin' me all misty. This photo begs to be enlarged, framed and displayed.

Royal Ranch said...

I came to this blog through my friend Tiffany, found your post on gender very intriguing, and then saw this photo. My oldest son is a senior this year, and I'm really feeling it too. I then read your description, and felt a sisterly bond, when I clicked on Hippie Quaker, it gave me the inspiration (which has been a tad difficult this week) for my own posts, so thank you.