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30 hours without a night's sleep is a long time! But, hey, we are super-travelers. :)

Some highlights from today include a walk-that-took-forever from the train station to our B&B, a ramble down a random footpath that led precisely to the place that we wanted to be, meeting an emo cow who insisted on sitting in the shade to write poetry, and wandering a ruined Abbey that inspired Wordsworth. Gameboy tried vinegar on his chips (did not like), Catgirl is eating salad everywhere because of so few vegetarian options, and we opted out of scones & cream this afternoon because we were too tired to really appreciate it. Oh, and did I mention trains? A gorgeous train ride through central England and into the southern Lake District.

We are on the top floor of a charming inn, and our view looks across a row of backyards. A clothesline with sheets flapping in the wind is so utterly charming. It's just like Catgirl said when she ordered some tap water with her lunch...she took a sip and then smiled ear to ear. I asked her if the water was particularly good an she replied, "It doesn't matter how it tastes...it's England water!"

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