Life has been moving at such a brisk pace, I've hardly had time to reflect lately.  But I just couldn't let April slip by without a nod to just how good I'm feeling these days.  It hardly seems real to me that it was just two years ago that I had the injury that started with this, then developed into this, and then turned into six months of trauma that ended in surgery.  I still have the shiny pink seam on my lower left leg as a reminder, but the muscle tissue has filled in nicely since then.

At the moment I don't have anything terribly profound to say in addition to marking the time that's passing.  Except that I still don't take it for granted.  Everyday I'm grateful for my leg and for my healthy body that just keeps getting stronger and stronger.

These roses are blooming up a storm in my garden right now.  Such beauty!


Deborah said...

Mmmmm . . . Roses have become a sign of motherly benevolence, for me. So so happy you emerged from that pain with such kick-ass grace.

mabella said...

Jana...The loveliest thing about you over the years has been your sense of humor, then your smile and laughter. You have accomplished so much, Jana. My thoughts (and prayers too!) are with you. You are one strong, admirable lady!