itchy itchy scratchy scratchy

my back has muscles, originally uploaded by pilgrimgirl.

My back is nearly always itchy--especially in that center spot between the shoulder blades. I think it has something to do my outrigger paddling and the stretching to the tendons and muscle fibers across my upper back.

But it's so terrifically annoying to have itches that I can't scratch (or at least, where it's not so easy to scratch)! Today I can hardly get any work done because of the distraction, which I'm guessing is from the hard workout with my team last night...[note to self: buy backscratcher for office!]


catbonny said...

Is this what you wore to the office today? = )

Dejah Thoris said...

Goodness, awesome photo Jana! You absolutely have muscles! And I love the corset, so appealing!

I love back scratches too. I miss them.

jana said...

Bonny: no, this pic is from halloween. I'm wearing a short brown knit dress w/leggings today. :)

Dejah: it is my fav corset!

littlemissattitude said...

One of the best side-effects of being a knitter is that knitting needles (especially the wood or bamboo ones) make fabulous back-scratchers.